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Enclodon is a South African company that was established in 2014 by Jerson Figueiredo.

His Motive was to start a business which controlled production itself. The cleanest way of starting a food processing business doesn't always have to be the most expensive, let us prove that for you. Ranging from every piece of equipment needed to start your business, we are here to set you up and look after your pocket at the same time. 

What we do

Using perfectly chosen Metals, varying from good quality and strong materials , we produce the friendliest Products suited for both your Start up and your improved restaurant, bakery, butchery, Kitchen, Braai Area and etc.


Looking after your pocket we also recondition or modify old equipment back to standards.

Our Factory Manufactures Products varying from Fryer's, Grillers, Heated Shelves, Canopies, Boiling Tables, Stainless Steel Tables, Sinks and many more.


Factory Features:

Getting Your Stuff to you:

Quotations & Communication

  • Usable Wi-Fi

  • Showroom Area

  • Client Beverages

  • Delivery on Request

  • Safe

  • Guarantee on Quality delivered items (undamaged)

  • Free Off Charge Quotations

  • Contactable via E-Mail, Land-Line, Or Personal Number

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