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Boiling Tables
Grid Instert Section

Nandos Style 12 Burner Griller 

The Nandos Style Griller is a 12 Burner that is Half Flat Plate and Half Grid for an Efficient Variety Pack of Cooking meat or even eggs etc .

All in one Griller, Boiler, & Hot Closet

An all in one Floor model Gas Griller (Half Grid & Half Flat Top), Boiling Table and Hot closet with vertical fold up latch doors made of Stainless Steel .

8 / 6 / 4 / 2 Pot Gas Burner Boiling Table
A compressed although longer in depth it is shorter in width, Fit for 8 Pots on the Table.

2 x 10 Litre Spaza Fryer

Most Common of Fryers , practical and Fast, as our best selling fryer, they can be made both in Electrical or Gas.

3 Burner Gas Donut Fryer

The 3 burner donut Fryer is compact and Fast Working , perfect for frying multiple Donuts or even Churros

Specc Tank

Stainless Steel Pallets

Stainless Steel Pallets for Loading Heavy Duty Items

Cold Room Shelving (Special)

Custom Made 3 Part Assembly Cold Room Shelf 

2300mm / 1700mm / 1100mm / 900mm / 650mm Stainless Steel Splash Back / Plain Top Table 
This table comes with either a Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Frame, Splash Back or Plain Top, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Legs. All Depending on Preferance.

Stainless Steel Specc tank

Specc tank Used for cleaning impossible Fats off of metals like filters for canopies and even cutlery or any ware.


4 Burner Gas Muffin Oven
A Large scale Industrial Muffin Oven with a Two Lid Top


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